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Happy (Almost) Summer!

The last couple of months have been an interesting and challenging time for families across Saskatoon. While it’s been tough to have our lives changed in such a significant way, as your Councillor I have seen people coming together from all walks of life to support one another. From people reaching out on social media to offer grocery pickup to neighbours checking in on each other, I am proud of how our community has responded to the challenges we are facing. While we have seen some positive news in the last few weeks in terms of Covid infections, I hope that we keep our guard up. We are all making small sacrifices today and those will pay dividends in the months to come. Thank you Saskatoon and thank you Ward 10. I feel honoured to represent such kind, caring, community oriented people at City Hall.

I am pleased to report that unlike most cities in Saskatchewan, City Council has continued to meet without cancelling or postponing any of our Council or Committee meetings. Starting in mid-March, we switched to virtual decision making and all of our meetings are still livestreamed on City website for the public to watch instead of attending meetings at City Hall. We have lots of important items being discussed in the months to come and the public will now be able to call into our meetings to make a presentation to Council. As a community, we should be proud of how we’ve been able to keep things moving ahead despite the pandemic challenges we face.

Finally, I want to acknowledge and thank everyone who has been in touch with me over the last few months as we deal with significant items on the Council agendas. From speed limits and garbage collection to Covid changes and transit service, your feedback has helped me and our entire team at City Hall to make better decisions that reflect the will of our community. As always, it is a privilege to serve you and work alongside you as we improve our city. I wish you and your families the very best for what will continue to be some challenging months ahead.

All the best,